We want you to enjoy as many dives as possible.

To help you with this we are happy to give you a discount of 10% on selected dives so you don’t need to break the bank while getting to experience our best dives.

What discounts are available?

Our multi-day discount normally represents your biggest opportunity to save money while diving with us. If you dive with us for three or more sessions then you can save 10% on Whale Shark Snorkeling or dives in Playa del Carmen and Cenotes.

By offering the discount in this way you are able to choose the perfect dive schedule for you and not be restricted by pre-defined dive packages. But if this all sounds too complicated and you’d like to choose a dive package then don’t worry – Check out our dive packages to see some suggestions which include discounts for multiple days of diving.

Extras such as dive equipment rental, supplements for bull shark dives and whale shark marina fees are not included within this discount.

Example 1:

AM: Scuba Refresh $40 (+$15 equipment rental)
PM: 2 Dives in Playa del Carmen $80 $72 (Same day, no additional charge for equipment rental)

AM: 2 Dives in Playa del Carmen $80 $72 (+$15 equipment rental)
PM: 2 Dives in Playa del Carmen $80 $72 (Same day, no additional charge for equipment rental)

Notes: Discount applied since 3 sessions of diving were booked, even though over only two days.
Subtotal: $310
Multi-day discount: -$24
Total: $286

Example 2:

AM: 2 Dives in Playa del Carmen $80 $72
PM: 1 Dive in Playa del Carmen $60 $54  (+$20 for bull shark dive)

AM: 2 Dives in Cozumel $140

AM: 2 Dives Premium Cenotes (Pit + Dos Ojos) $175 $157.50

Notes: Discount applied to Playa del Carmen and Cenotes, but not Cozumel Direct

Subtotal: $475
Multi-day discount: -$31.50
Total: $443.50

We offer free equipment rental when you add additional dives to your trip following the completion of a course with us. This means that you can make the most of your new dive skills by using them in the real world to explore our diverse range of diving options here in Riviera Maya.

The following courses are eligable for you to receive free equipment rental following the completion of your course:

  • PADI Scuba Diver
  • PADI Open Water
  • PADI Advanced Open Water*
  • PADI Rescue Diver*

*Although you will be able to enjoy subsequent dives following you course, the AOW and Rescue courses do not include equipment rental as standard.

In many parts of the world it is common to pay anything up to an additional $20 for a Nitrox tank. We are strong believers in the benefits of Nitrox and this is why we are proud to provide Nitrox tanks at no additional charge to divers with a suitable certification.

Due to the volume of divers who visit Riviera Maya we are able to obtain Nitrox tank fills at very competitive prices, and although there is an additional cost for us, we are happy to accept this cost in order to help provide the best possible service for you.

Our standard Nitrox tanks as 32% aluminium 80s (known as 12L) and are available with both DIN and Yoke valves. If you would like to use alternative mixes or tank sizes then these do incur a small charge of $3 per tank.

Our learn and Save discount allows you to save 10% on any of our courses when you study more than one course.

If that sounds too good to be true… Well, it kind of is, and we do need to point out that the 10% discount only applies to the course with the lowest price that you complete with us. Sorry about that! 

Free Nitrox

If you are planning to dive for a few days, then you will be happy to know that we provide nitrox tanks for free to all nitrox certified divers. If you would like to become a nitrox diver then you should take a look at the PADI Enriched Air Diver Specialty.